Jason Page

Chicago, IL 606**
[C] (312) 885-****
[H] (702) 907-****
[F] (202) 207-3736

Oakton Community College: Emphasis in Computer Science, Desktop Publishing, Advanced Photography and the Arts
Maine East High School: Emphasis in Computer Science; Lab Courses in Physics and Geology.


A polymath capable individual seeking positions that may require a wide range of capacities that demand 'out of the box' solutions. Position needs to be a low stress environment with an organization that understands my limitations. I am also passionate about working with other folks recovering from severe mental illness, and/or seeking volunteer positions with organizations such as Thresholds, C4 and/or NAMI Chicago. My neuropsych results report deficits in executive function and working memory.


Uptown Research
October 2018 - October 2019

Technical Writing, I.T. Support & Social Media Outreach Specialist

Result: Job ended due to lapse mental health condition as a result of environmental social factors. Report of the social factors here. Uptown Research is and has since been supportive.

Que4 Community Radio, 501c3
February 2011 - Current

Chief Engineer and Co-Founder

Page Telegram
February 2014 - Current

Freelance Writing Assistance, Founder

Result: This is a 'pet project' where I get to pick my jobs; mostly this serves my outlet to civic activities in personal sense of public duty.

EGAP Photography
June 2007 - Nov 2014

Freelance Festival & Band Photographer

Result: Retired from this job...looking to refocus photography as a hobby in other areas such as "Sticker Chicago" project. Seldom taking creative jobs in photography that uniquely tailor a mutual interest.

Chicago Independent Television
2012 - 2016

Video Producer

Result: I could not burden the responsibilities; I relinquished my position in a written letter to focus on helping a close friend in crisis.

OCCurrence Student Newspaper
2005 - 2008

Layout Manager, Photographer and News Writer

Result: I was suspended from the College for mental health reasons with the option to return with a note from my doctor.

Skills & Activities

References (Cell numbers available upon request):

John Ibarra (Que4 Radio, Owner)
Mitchell Szczepanczyk (Chicago Indymedia, Founder)
John Sonnenberg (Uptown Research, Director)