Project Description Site State
Edgewater Laptop Exchange Project Active
Evidence against social narrative what transpired 9/11/01 Discont
Files for all my projects with personal hub (this) Active
Keep track of all things COVID-19 Active
Letters of public interest Active
My paintings on paper-plates Active
Hand Is Radio Station (Online Edition) Active
Page Family File Archive Active
Ideas to help the world by sharing them Active
Personal text files to keep track of my work Active
Software host of source code specific to BASIC Discont'
Spectrum Abuse Analysis ie TV study Active
Spreadsheets to keep track of my life and work Active
Tracking all my FOIA requests & Letters to Public Servants Dev
BlackBerry Messenger Group lists Active
Nepali Goods to help Ashok Thapa since Earthquake Active
Fraud Analysis using Benford's Law: studies Dorment
My band site for Theme is Trapezoid Dorment
My photography for sale Active
My scry therapy services for sale Discont
Website for some of my main services and pet project Active
Directory feeds of all things and happenings Edgewater Active
Meet first in person connections/dating site Dev
Net label projects working with friend Dorment
Record Label for all things Aleatoric arts Dev
Site to dispel the labeling of disinfo & expose campaign against truth Cancled
T-Shirt Merch site expressing duress of consumerism Planned
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